You can make a difference


 I decided to share my story because I felt I could help others understand the severity of these types of injuries, and to make people think twice about how their actions can hurt those around them.  If people begin to take accountability for their actions I believe that this small step can help prevent others from experiencing what I and countless others have been through. 

I have made a conscious decision to try to help others by making my personal story and rehabilitation journey public. I’m not only trying to bring agency to the victims, but to help by preventing future accidents.

Most things in life are a choice. People choose to drive intoxicated and the victims are the ones without a choice. It breaks my heart to think that one person’s carelessness can affect others in such a negative way, but it’s so often overlooked unless you are personally affected. Too often actions taken after the fact. I want to be proactive in my efforts with the hope of creating a safer, more conscious world.

My life has already been changed, and no matter how hard I try or how much time passes things will never go back to how they were. If my story can help save one person’s life by preventing a life changing decision such as driving impaired, then that life is worth working for.

People are inherently good, but make bad decisions. It’s important to not be silent, to show people that you are responsible for the consequences, but more importantly that some bad decisions can be avoided. Hind sight is 20/20 but having foresight is invaluable.

I understand that my voice is limited right now, but I’m continuing to reach out and with your help in sharing my story we can potentially save a life and improve someone’s future.  Let’s bring value back to life and work together to spread positivity and promote change!