My Mission is to: 

·      Spread awareness for people affected by life altering injuries. It’s important to show what life is like after the initial event. In most cases, such as mine, the aftermath and consequences will affect you forever. Life does go on, but everything will be forever changed. I decided to share my story because I felt I could help others understand the severity of these types of injuries. I want to make people think twice about how their actions can hurt those around them, and to take accountability for their actions. I hope to prevent others from experiencing what I and countless others have been through. 

·      Connect with people. I have experienced so much kindness and generosity from my family, friends, and complete strangers (who are now friends) who genuinely care about my rehabilitation and well-being. This is my way to include everyone in my experience because everyone has helped, and continues to help me on my new journey.

·      Motivate and Inspire. We have the amazing opportunity to connect with one another. While I was in the rehab hospital I used social media to explore and connect with people who have experienced similar life changing events as mine.  I was also able to see the amazing things that these people were accomplishing in their lives. This helped motivate and inspire me to try new things and never put boundaries up for myself. I’d like to put myself out there with hopes of inspiring others just as I was myself.

·      Enjoy Life.